In just 7 short training sessions, your dog will learn to recognize a new target odor, like handler discrimination or nosework target oils. We'll show you every step, using the same techniques we use to train professional detection dogs. It's all about the rewards!



Ever wonder what searching is like for a sniffer dog? Since we don't have smellivision, Domino wore a GoPro so you can experience a lesson through her eyes.


With a little fast-forwarding, this video shows what you can expect, from start to finish. Domino began with no previous scent experience. After 7 days she's ready to pass a Handler Discrimination test.

Home Schooling

Have you been wanting to teach your dog to search for a new scent? Now all you need is a 10x10 ft area, a glove that smells like you (or scent), at least 8 boxes and high value food rewards. 

Sniffing Satisfies

When dogs search, they sniff 200 times/minute and research shows the workout is similar to agility. Mentally, it's far more satisfying than free food in a bowl, with nothing to do all day long. 

Fun, Guaranteed

There's no risk to try the 7-Day Scent Challenge. If you don't have fun, you have 7 days to request a full refund. 


What You'll Learn

  • Learn exactly how to motivate your dog to search for scent independently, without pressure or confusion
  • Build drive to search and find odor - it should be hard to drag your dog away! 
  • Search systematically, starting with box #1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Prevent common errors like digging and biting at scent, and
  • Have fun, guaranteed. If you don't enjoy the course, you have 7 days to request a full refund. 


Train When It's Convenient for You

You'll have access to the materials for at least 6 months, so you don't have to rush. If you'd like to space out your training sessions, you can train once a week and complete the course in 7 weeks. (But to get the most out of this course, monthly training isn't often enough for most teams to keep the momentum going and continue to progress.) 


From bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Dr. Carla Simon, MD, BSc, MBA has trained thousands of canine scent detection teams around the world.  Hunter’s Heart provides bed bug inspections, and has been featured in the Pointing Dog Journal, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Journal, Dogs in Canada, and Clean Run magazines. Carla is a Contributing Editor for the American Brittany Magazine, and a sought-after speaker who drew a sold-out crowd of more than 600 at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.


"I enjoy Carla’s classes very much! She has a very positive and encouraging way of instructing, and she always makes sure we and our dogs have fun while learning. Her method of teaching nosework is clear, and provides a very sound foundation, so we see our dogs progress very quickly... Her instruction also gives me insight into how odor travels, and how to be the best handler possible when my dog is searching. My dogs and I are always eager for our next nosework practice, thanks to Carla’s teaching and support."


"Carla is so warm and personable, flexible with her time, and gets back to my email communications promptly. She is upbeat, positive and encouraging to us both. The entire experience has been amazing and I would highly recommend Hunter’s Heart."


"She eagerly shares her knowledge and ensures that both dog and handler are not only progressing at their own pace (no pressure) but are also both having fun."



The 7-Day Challenge price is only $99.99 CAD.  That’s a $860 value (if you learned in private lessons).

We're here to help. Get answers to your questions, so you can get back on track ASAP if you have trouble. You can even share video of your training sessions for feedback. 

And remember, fun is 100% guaranteed, or your money back! So there's nothing to lose, except the rewards you'll be giving your sniffer dog. 


  • Selecting and Introducing Target Odor, and Why You Should Care About Odor Hygiene
  • How to Reward Your Dog to Build Motivation to Search and Shape the Performance of Your Dreams
  • Session 1 - Presenting a New Scent

  • Session 2 - Boost the Fun Factor

  • Session 3 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • Session 4 - Can't Drag Me Away

  • Session 5 - Lock It Up

  • Session 6 - How Bizarre

  • Session 7 - The Grand Finale

  • Testing, Testing

What You Get

  • Take your scent training to the next level.

  • We'll walk you through every step to train a fully engaged, systematic searcher who loves to find a target odor.

  • You'll get step by step instructions with video demonstrations, audio instructions, checklists and PDF Handouts.

  • Get answers to your questions from the instructor, inside every lesson. 

  • You'll pass quizzes that verify your understanding.
  • Post your 2 or 3-minute training videos for feedback.

  • Troubleshooting is included. So you can get back on track ASAP if you run into challenges. 
  • Request your Certificate of Completion when you finish the course. 
  • When the course is done, join our alumni community to discuss and share brags with like-minded scent enthusiasts around the world.


Your dog wants you to take this course!

If you don't love it, you get 7 days to request a refund. Let's get sniffing!


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