Registration is open now for our online scent courses so you can start at home now. 

In Calgary, our classes are at the Beast Boutique (by Glenmore & Blackfoot Tr.)

Thanks for 197,000+ views!


Thanks for 197,000 views!



We offer classes at the Beast Boutique (by Glenmore & Blackfoot Tr.). $250 + tax for 6 weeks, including online lessons and discussion to supplement hands-on learning at class.

Canine Good Neighbour (CGN Prep) Thursdays at 6 pm

Do you want a well-mannered dog that’s a pleasure to travel with? Are you interested in PALS or assistance dogs?

This course takes a positive approach to polish your existing obedience skills and prepare for the CGN test (a standard prerequisite for more advanced training like therapy dogs). We'll improve on your sit, down, stay while the handler leaves the room, recall, loose leash walking, polite greetings, grooming by the evaluator, ignoring a friendly dog,  distractions like noises and canes, etc.. By the end of the 6 weeks, many dogs lie down and relax on their beds, only a foot away from the other dogs. 

Once your dog understands the skills, we'll teach you exactly how to fade the food, and maybe even the leash.  

Scent Detection (Mixed Levels), Wednesdays at 8 pm

Try it for $50. Or purchase a 6-pack. In just 6 weeks your BEGINNER dog will learn to find a scent. You’ll have fun from the very first session, and no previous experience is required. Our motivational method works for dogs of any age or breed as long as they enjoy a tasty food reward or a favorite toy. Choose the scent your dog will find e.g. a glove, your keys, or essential oils for nosework competition. Watch a demonstration video at

ADVANCED TEAMS will work on handling challenges in realistic search scenarios. Email Carla in advance if you have any special requests or need help overcoming challenges.

Like real deployments and competitions, there is only one dog in the search area. Dog-dog interactions are never allowed.  

All teams will learn how to read dogs from watching the searches.

Urban Tracking & Trailing (Mixed Levels), Saturdays 1 - 2:30 pm

Newbies try it for $50. Or purchase a 6-pack. Select any six scheduled dates that are convenient for you: Saturday March 18, April 1, 8, 15, 22, May 4, 20, 27, etc.
• Train for CKC/AKC tracking tests, mantrailing, lost item recovery or human scent discrimination for fun, competition or deployments.
• All levels - we'll tailor progressive challenges to build motivation for your unique dog.
• We’ll start training indoors, then move outdoors.
• Contaminated, urban hard surfaces are challenging environments, so we’ll use tools to augment the scent e.g. food, water spray, chalk, handprints, etc.

Check out Bear (5-months old) practicing indoors:


SCENT DETECTION WEEKEND SEMINAR, March 24 - 26, 2023 (at the Beast Boutique, Calgary)

Registration is open for our Scent Detection weekend at the Beast Boutique. INFO:


Beginners Scent Detection Demo

Our protocols have succeeded with dogs of all ages, including dogs with vision, hearing and neuromuscular impairment. Ask us for help adapting training to your dog's unique challenges and strengths.

Advanced Scent Detection Demo

Finding scent is one part of the scent detection behavior chain. We train the components separately, in easy to achieve baby steps.


• Our next set of classes starts on Feb. 22, 2023 at the Beast Boutique, and continues for 6 weeks.
• Location: Classes happen at 4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary. There is lots of free parking and green space to potty your dog. 
• Instructor: Carla Simon, service dog trainer (Hunter’s Heart Ltd.)
• Hybrid classes include online resources, troubleshooting by the instructor, and discussion with a worldwide community.
• Price: $250 + GST, for a 6-week class.
• Limit: 6 students max. Classes must be prepaid and are non-refundable.
• Online troubleshooting and resources are included, to  guide you through the homework if you miss a class or want to learn more. In class you'll get lots of personal attention, and hands-on practice with your dog. 
• In order to participate in classes, all students, family members and any spectators are required to sign a Hunter's Heart waiver. 
• Once your registration is completed, you will receive instructions on how you can access online resources. Registrations must be processed manually, so there may be a delay. If you register and pay close to the start date, but you don't get the instructions, please attend the first class as planned and we'll get everything straightened out. 
• Classes sell out fast, so register early to avoid disappointment.




Ph: (403) 452-5232 (Monday - Saturday, 6 am - 6 pm)
E: [email protected]

Or sign up online: Go to, then click the green “Join the Pack” button. 

Build a Solid Foundation

for Adventures with Your Dog


Your instructor is Dr. Carla Simon, a professional detection dog trainer and Working Dog Chair for the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Since 1999, Carla has trained professional detection teams (including law enforcement and search and rescue), certified service dogs, certified detection dogs, dogsports champions and family pets that even neighbors love. Whatever adventures you want to do with your dog, she'll set you up for success.


It's all about the rewards. Whether your dog prefers food, toys, play, or a unique combination, we'll motivate your dog by making training fun. Food is like a leash: it's a useful tool while learning. Eventually you want your dog to listen to you even in distracting environments when you don't have food and your dog is off-leash! Once your dog understands the skills, we'll show you how to gradually fade food rewards, without sacrificing motivation. We'll help you to transition smoothly from training to testing or deploying, when your dog is ready. You and your dog will become a stronger team, with clearer communication and confidence in your abilities.


Start training today with our proven protocols, which have already worked for thousands of students worldwide, including dogs of all ages and types. Coaching is included!

7-Day Scent Challenge - Imprinting for Beginners

In just 7 training sessions, your dog will learn to detect a target odor e.g. a handler-scented glove, nosework essential oils, antler, etc. No previous experience is required. Puppies can start at 5 weeks of age, but dogs of all ages and breeds can learn, as long as they enjoy food or toy rewards. Scent detection provides mental and physical exercise. It can help build confidence and is suitable for dogs with hearing, visual and neurological impairment.


Tracking & Mantrailing Foundation

This Tracking & Trailing Online Course will help beginners to build a solid foundation for CKC & AKC tracking tests, Search and Rescue candidates, trailing, mantrailing and finding lost items. 

Your dog will learn to use their nose to follow the scent left behind in a specific tracklayer's footprints, and indicate all the articles (aka evidence) they leave behind.

Puppies enjoy learning as soon as they enjoy food rewards, but all ages and types of dogs thrive with our motivational approach.


Show Me - Maximize Indication Motivation

Motivate your dog to communicate clearly with a bombproof indication (for Scent Detection and Tracking). Choose sit/down, or freeze and stare; it’s up to you. By harnessing your dog’s natural drive to chase prey, this can become your dog’s favorite game.



We start by identifying the rewards that motivate your unique dog (e.g. food, toys, praise or games). Our protocols break complex behaviors down into small, easy to achieve baby steps. We use positive reinforcement that effectively communicates what you want and what you don't. We are force free and support LIMA. Actually we make it so easy that it is virtually impossible to fail (using errorless learning). 

Learn more in Carla's "Weak Links in the Canine Scent Detection Behavior Chain" peer reviewed article in the IAABC Journal.


Questions about whether a class is suitable? Have any special requests? Email Carla Simon at [email protected], or leave a confidential voicemail at (403) 813-9831. Sorry, we don't answer when we're working with dogs, but we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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