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Where the science of dog training is fun.


How do we get sniffer dogs to search for hours? It needs to be fun.


Evidence-Based Sniffer Dog Training


We'll show you how to train your dog, applying the secrets we've used since 1999 to train professional detection dogs to find everything from bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework. 

Fun = Motivation

Scent detection should be a fun game for sniffer dogs. Let your dog choose their favorite reward in a "taste test", then deliver a memorable reward event. 

Proven Protocols

The science of canine olfaction may seem overwhelming, but you don't need to reinvent the wheel. We've trained thousands of students around the world and we'll help you to succeed.

"It is a thrill to watch my puppy get so excited as she gets ready to perform that she can hardly sit still in anticipation of her next performance... The entire experience has been amazing and I would highly recommend Hunter's Heart. "


"I enjoy Carla's classes very much! She has a very positive and encouraging way of instructing and she always makes sure we and our dogs have fun while learning. Her method of teaching is clear, and provides a very sound foundation, so we see our dogs progress very quickly, with solid indications and the ability to be successful in a wide variety of environments. "


"Carla Simon has been a superb trainer and I have had exceptional results... and her methods have turned our exuberant but frenzied English Cocker Spaniel into a focused worker… She has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of canine behavior and motivation enabling both handler and dog to achieve proper techniques and behaviors. I plan on working with Carla for the foreseeable future and would strongly recommend anyone looking for an exceptional trainer and coach."


Introduce Your Dog to Scent Detection

While parks and classes are closed, it's a great time to train your dog to find a new scent e.g. handler discrimination or nosework. 

In our 7-Day Scent Challenge, you'll learn exactly how to train your dog to find scent in 7 days. All you need is a glove that smells like you (or another scent), a 10x10 ft area, 8 boxes and high value food rewards. Get answers to your questions, troubleshooting by the instructor, and discuss with international students in our private Facebook group. 


Bed Bug Inspections

Think your property may have bed bugs? Canine bed bug detection is the most cost-effective method for rapidly and conveniently inspecting large areas. Research has shown bed bug detection dogs are approximately 95% reliable. 


Brittany Puppies

We're taking reservations for ZZ's spring 2022 litter of Brittany puppies. 


Scent Detection Classes and Online Training Resources

Whether you're looking for online courses with coaching and troubleshooting, webinars, or in-person private scent detection lessons in the Calgary area, Hunter's Heart will help you improve your scent detection. Expect to have fun from the very first session.


Sniffer dogs can detect everything from bombs to cancer. But because scent is invisible, handlers may pull their sniffer dog away from odor. Learn about scent detection errors in our spring 2020 article for IAABC. 


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