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Learn about what Hunter's Heart Brittanys are doing below.

Our Dogs

Our Brittanys are enthusiastic working detection dogs (frequently searching for bed bugs and tracking). In addition to nosework, tracking, hunting, and field titles, our Brittanys have won multi Elite High in Trials (UKC Nosework), gold at AAC Regional Agility Championships, Best of Breed at the National Brittany Specialty, and achieved numerous top 5 national rankings in agility, conformation and obedience.

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Photo of our foundation Brittanys, who are gone but never forgotten. From left to right: Storm (Boo's grand sire), Chief (Boo's sire) and Spirit (Boo's grand dam). 


We breed occaisional litters of Brittany puppies, for hunting, scent detection, dogsports and companions for families with an active lifestyle.

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Boo (who's pointing birds in the photo) is now retired from professional detection and breeding. Boo was our most frequently requested bed bug detection dog. He’s an eager to please, friendly, happy worker who makes people smile, even if they're usually afraid of dogs. He's a multi High In Trial winner and In Elite UKC Nosework Competition, he searched 3000 square feet, to find 3 hides in under 38 seconds. 

CH HuntersHeart RedDevil Fantome FDJ CGN AN SGDC SDS-SP TOG MN EV EC EI, “Boo” loves to hunt birds. Boo has a tireless drive to search, a steadfast point, and enjoys water and land retrieves. In addition to qualifying in the field, Boo was Canada’s #2 agility Brittany (2017) and #4 show Brittany (2013). 

Boo currently enjoys occasional demonstrations at classes and events.

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Boo is the son of National Specialty Winner BISS Can/Mex/Int’l CH ATChC HuntersHeart Big Chief FDJ CDX RE CGC (who was Canada’s top agility Brittany for several years, ranked top 5 in both obedience and show, and won gold at the AAC Regional Agility Championships at the age of 12 years) x BPIG winner CH RedDevil’s Fire Without Flame CD.

Boo’s a proven producer, who's sired several litters including bomproof  detection dogs, avid hunters, dogsports partners, and family members. Frozen semen is available for approved females with hip certification. 

DOB: Nov. 6, 2009
Hips: OFA Good
Eyes: CERF certified
Patella: Normal
Breeder/Owner: Dr. Carla Simon
CKC # WW31371, AKC # SR61032302, Microchip: 9560 0000 2077359

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Hunter's Heart Rickards Red TD UTD is the Boo X BB son I always hoped for. Rickard detects bed bugs and human remains.  

Rickard completed his Urban Tracking Dog title in 2021. Four days later, he completed his field Tracking Dog title, and was the only dog of 18 entries to pass under the challenging test conditions. 

He's friendly but focused, confident and unflappable. He loves retrieving, swimming, and chasing his sisters. 

Rickard is CHIC certified (completed all  recommended OFA health testing):

  • Eyes CERF certified #BS-EYE621/26M-VPI.
  • Hips #BS-19115G30M-VPI
  • Elbows #BS-EL2105M30-VPI

Rickard sired his first litter in summer 2022. Email Carla to enquire about stud service for approved females. 

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We're always striving to produce a better dog with every generation. ZZ is a great combination of the best of Boo x BB's scenting abilities, drive, temperament and health. ZZ's 2021 and 2022 litters are maturing nicely as hunters, detection dogs, family pets and dogsports partners.



HuntersHeart Black Betty NC NI NE PTE AGNJ, aka “BB” is a liver & white female. She’s an avid gun dog with a keen nose, and the sound temperament needed for professional detection in every environment. BB is our most experienced bed bug detection. Around the house, she’s a gentle girl who likes snuggling.

BB won High in Trial in UKC Nosework, National High in Trial Agility Brittany (CKC) and was ranked #4 Agility Brittany in Canada (CKC, 2017). BB is the daughter of USA National Amateur Gun Dog Champion AFC DC CH GCH Triumphant’s To Hot To Handle JH x CH HuntersHeart Prairiestorm Vite FDJ MSCDC AGDC ADC AGNJV HPN NAC, CKC 2015, #1 Agility Brittany (CKC 2016) .

DOB: Sept. 9, 2011
Hips: PennHip certified
Eyes: CERF certified
Patella: Normal
Click here to verify BB's results on the OFA website. 
Breeder/Owner: Dr. Carla Simon
Microchip: 982 009106090420
CKC #YS441550

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National Specialty Winner BISS Can/Mex/Int'l CH ATCHC Huntersheart Big Chief FDJ CDX RE CGC (June 21, 1999 - 2015)

At the age of 12, Chief won a gold medal at the Regional Agility championships (Standard) in the highly contested veteran class. He loved to retrieve, so he enjoyed hunting and competitive obedience. He was a friendly, happy worker, a staunch pointer and was Carla's hunting dog for 16 years. 7 years after his death, clients fondly and frequently remember Chief. 

Chief's accomplishments included:
• National Specialty Best of Breed, Best Brace in Show and Agility Prize winner (CKC, 2002)
• Multiple group wins, including International Pointing Group
• Best of Veteran Sweepstakes (2007)
Second (FCI Mexico 2002)
• National Specialty Best of Veteran Sweepstakes & National Agility Prize Winner (BSCC Springbank AB 2009)
• Top Sporting Dog (CKC Agility: Westwind Sporting Dog Specialty, Springbank AB 2009)
• #3 Obedience Brittany (CKC 2009)
• Winner of the Kong Cup Challenge (where he retrieved the most Kongs in one minute, while avoiding the distraction bones, 2002)
• #1 Agility Brittany (AAC 2005-2008 inclusive), #2 Agility Brittany 2004

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• Top Sporting Dog, and Top Brittany in CKC Agility (Golden Retriever Club of Alberta CKC Agility Trials, Calgary, 2007) with 6 Q’s in 6 runs
• Steeplechase money winner (AAC 2006, Matsqui)
• Tunnelers money winner (AAC Lower Mainland, 2004)
• 6 years of Agility Regional Championship wins (2005, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11)
• In international IABCA shows, awarded “V1”, the highest rating possible (2001)
• Major at the Washington Brittany Specialty Show. The next day he qualified in Standard agility, his first time out in AKC agility competition (2002)
• Best of Winners (owner/breeder handled) at Sporting Dogs 2000 Regional Specialty (CKC, 2000)
• Canada's #4 show Brittany, 2003
• Multi High in Class obedience and rally obedience money winner (Open A, Edmonton 2005, Excellent B, Edmonton, 2009, Open A Springbank 2009, etc.)
• High in Class money win to complete RN title in one weekend with consecutive scores of 96, 97 and 96 points (out of 100 possible) (Novice B Rally Obedience, Red Deer, 2009)
• Silver Award of Merit (AAC, over 150 qualifying runs in career), ExSt Bronze, ExSt Silver, EXJ Bronze, EXG Bronze, EXS Bronze, EXSc Bronze, VBA (Versatility Bronze Award)

DOB: Nov. 6, 2009
Hips: OFA Good BS10791G29M-PI
Elbows Normal BS3L277M29-PI
Eyes: CERF certified
Breeder/Owner: Dr. Carla Simon & Mr. Gary Andrusiek
CKC # JL612894, AKC # SR61032302, Microchip: 125973314A

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Andre (the Next Generation)

Hunter's Heart Andre DeGrasse (from ZZ x Finn's 2021 litter) is currently in training for scent detection. He's sweet, playful and has a great nose. He passed CERF certification, and when fully mature he will be evaluated as a breeding prospect. He makes us smile every day, and look forward to what the future holds. 

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