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13 Things You Need in Your Scent Kit

Apr 09, 2020

Here are the 13 supplies you need in your scent kit, so you can efficiently make hides and ensure proper odor hygiene. 

Pro Tip: make your hides at home, not in the field. At home there is no wind, and you have time to be careful and avoid contamination. For safety, avoid bringing glass into the field because it’s breakable, which could hurt dogs and handlers.

For your convenience, I've included some links to purchase items on so you can see what similar items look like. I am not an affilitate, and earn no revenue if you choose to purchase or not. 

  1. Sharpie marker or pen
    • Use a marker or pen to label all containers.
    • Tip: put a post-it-note inside your pelican case and write down the number of hides in and out (comparing how many hides you place in the search environment vs. how many you pick up when you’re done, will ensure you recover them all.)
    • If you’re placing several hides, writing down the hide locations while you place each of them...

Scent Detection Training Devices and DIY Setups | Hunter's Heart

Apr 06, 2020

Stuck at home in social isolation and looking for something to do? Don't get stuck in a rut. Here's some fun ideas for how to set up for training scent detection at home. 

Hiding Food

Many trainers hide food inside Kongs and stuffable food balls, in snuffle mats (like a deep shaggy rug), and amidst the grass in their yard to introduce puppies to finding food. Or fill a kiddie pool with safe balls or empty plastic bottles and hide the food at the bottom. Beyond that, there are innumerable opportunities to explore in the diverse world of scent detection. Newbies looking to learn how to use a scent detection kit for practicing at home can learn more at: Scent Detection Kit Instructions and Supplies for Nosework. Whatever your discipline, read on for some fresh ideas.

Use What You Have

Use what you have around you. Much to our delight, one of our students brought a small wine rack to class, replaced all the wine with a hide, and we simply rotated the rack to move the...


We moved our Blog!

Mar 27, 2020

We moved! Welcome to the new home of the Scent Detection Blog by Hunter's Heart. We're moving from wordpress and are gradually transitioning all of our content to this new URL. 

Thanks to all of our students, readers, friends and teachers for your support. We've been sniffing since 1999, and together we've learned about what works and what doesn't. This blog aims to share those learnings, and update them as knowledge about canine olfaction continues to grow.

Sometimes it's a struggle to adapt and keep pace. Thank you for your patience. When I graduated from the University of Toronto in 1995, I was working on a mainframe, and carrying floppy discs. I remember reading (paper) books to learn about the developing world wide web.  Online searches were long, tedious, hard work with frequently disappointing results. The scanned photo in this post is from my (paper) scrapbook from when we had only 1 dog, and 5 ferrets, each with their own lessons to teach....

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