We've moved to a new web page, but you can relay on the same field-tested quality products we've been producing for decades for dog agility contact equipment. All rubber orders are handmade in Calgary, Canada, by Hunter's Heart. 


  • Better traction, especially when wet
  • Safer - less slipping and falling means fewer injuries
  • Train like you compete
  • Faster contacts.


  1. Do-It-Yourself Kits - for the best adhesion of rubber to your contacts, we recommend applying a Do-It-Yourself Kit, using the wet pour method. Before you apply the rubber, clean and prepare your contact surface by following the instructions. Mix the granules and rubber according to the instructions, and immediately apply it to your contact while the mixture is wet. Flatten it out (approx. 2 days depending on the temperature) and wait for it to dry. 
  2. Rubber Skins - rubber skins are like a premade carpet that you glue onto your contact equipment, after you prepare the surface. Skins are more convenient to apply, but may not adhere as well. 

Scroll down and click the orange button to Download the Instructions (PDF) for all rubber products, including specifications from the manufacturer and safety precautions. 



Our products have been used by training centres around the world, including regular classes, national, regional and international competitions. (Hover over the photos to read the description.)

Photo of skins, rolled up for shipping

Photo of skins, rolled up for shipping


Watch how Hunter's Heart applies the rubber to contact equipment:


Download the PDF Handout for the safety information, and important information on how to prepare the surface of your contacts, apply and cure the rubber. Please note we cannot guarantee color matching across kits or skins, and have no control over the colors manufactured. 

Please follow the instructions carefully. Dogs and humans may have severe allergic reactions to products, especially adhesives. Please use personal protective equipment when opening, handling, applying and storing the product.  Hunter's Heart cannot be responsible for how you use, transport, storage, or maintenance of the products in your care. 

Download Instructions (PDF) 

RUBBER PRICES (Effective April 2022)

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and do NOT include applicable taxes. Tax and shipping are additional costs. Pricing is for blue and yellow equipment. You will need your own tools to apply and maintain the rubber equipment. You choose the specifications, for AAC, CKC, AKC or FCI agility organizations. Ask us if you'd like to purchase a kit or skin for unusual sizes, customized to your measurements (for an additional cost). We will need exact measurements, ship to address and phone number to provide a quote for custom equipment sizes. 

Do-It-Yourself Kits for Rubberizing Contacts

Rubber Do-It-Yourself kits must be used within 4 months of receipt, otherwise the adhesive will start to solidify. Do not allow the adhesive to freeze. Once there are crystals in the glue, it will not adhere properly and cannot be used. You'd have to order a new order of adhesive. Once applied and cured, you don't need to worry about expiry.  

  • Dogwalk Kit $306.99
  • Teeter Kit $101.99
  • Table Kit $89.99
  • Aframe Kit (no slats) $459.99

Rubber Slats

for Aframe $179.99

Rubber Skins

  • Dogwalk Skin $555.99
  • Teeter Skin $259.99
  • Table Skin $192.50

Sorry we can't make Aframe skins until the summer, when we can work outdoors with sufficient drying time and conditions. 

Rubber Repair Kits

  • Medium Repair Kit (for fixing patches on 1 contact) $39.99
  • Large Repair Kit (5 lbs), for fixing patches on 3 pieces of equipment)  $79.99


To order rubber skins or kits, please email Carla at [email protected] with the equipment you're ordering, your choice of host organization (e.g. AAC, CKC, or both) if you want blue/yellow (or request a custom combo), with your ship to address and phone number. We will email your invoice. Please use your credit card to pay for your invoice online via Quickbooks payment processing. Sorry we cannot accept etransfers. Please note that the rubber kits and skins are custom orders and are nonrefundable. 

Let us know if you'd like to pickup instead of shipping. If you select pickup, we will email you to book an appointment, once your order is completed. We'll select a mutually convenient time and day (generally available 7 days a week, by APPOINTMENT ONLY). Sorry, if you come without an appointment, we might not be here. 

Once payment is received, we will start assembling and drying your order. Depending on the time of year, it may take 8 weeks to make your order.  

Sorry, we can only ship to some Canadian addresses. We cannot ship to USA or overseas. Couriers will not ship to PO Boxes. Canada Post will not ship heavy items e.g. Aframe kit.  Couriers are usually cheapest (given the size and heaviness of the items). 

You should receive an automated email with a tracking number and ETA when the courier picks up your package. Sorry, the couriers only provide an ETA based on average service time, and do not guarantee their service time. Please contact Purolator or Canpar directly if the ETA passes, since they’ll have the most up to date info. 

Email Us


Email (preferred): [email protected]





Phone: (403) 813-9831. Sorry, we don't answer phone calls when we're with the dogs. Please leave a message on our confidential voicemail. 

Download the Instructions (PDF)
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